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Reaction to sacked Gary Neville’s baptimism of fire in Valencia has been bonkers. Next stop England, Manchester United or Sky Sports?

March 31st, 2016 at 9:07 pm

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What is alarming about Gary Neville being sacked after less than four months as manager of Valencia is the public reaction to the news.

It is hardly unexpected that England’s assistant manager has lost his job after managing only three wins in 16 league matches in La Liga. For Neville to turn things round at a Spanish club in disarray was always a tough ask for a first management job.

In my opinion, you have to respect Neville for the way he defiantly fought against all the odds, and no shortage of bad luck, even when the fans turned hostile against him. There was no surviving the ‘Festival of Fire’ when burning effigies of Neville, along with Valencia’s chairwoman, Layhood Chan, and owner, Peter Lim, lit up the Valencia sky.

But the way he has been written off as an abject failure in some quarters. While others are hailing him as a potential saviour at Manchester United, speaks volumes about the crazy football world in which we now live.

It is typical of the media to fan the flames with extravagant headlines as Neville’s managerial debut crashes and burns. “Manchester United fans want Gary Neville – not Ryan Giggs – as Jose Mourinho’s assistant manager” screams the Metro. While TalkSport went one step further with suggestions he could be the next manager at Old Trafford. The logic is bonkers.

Equally bonkers. But no less predictable, is that social media has been awash with self-proclaimed experts revelling in the failure of a former Manchester United hero, whose previous job was as an outspoken television pundit on Sky Sports. Instead of acknowledging that Neville’s double act with ex-Liverpool rival Jamie Carragher was the best pairing in football punditry we’ve seen in this country, possibly ever, there are those who love to kick a man when he is down.

To add insult to injury, Gary’s younger brother, Phil, will be kept on at Valencia in his coaching capacity. So there is no doubt that the Spaniards are pinning the blame for their continued decline squarely on the shoulders of their departed manager.

But that will not stop punters speculating that Neville could be England’s next England manager. While others predict he will be back at Sky, or heading for the Championship come next season.
It will certainly be interesting to see what Neville’s next job will be here next. Especially as he has another chance to shine, as Roy Hodgson’s No.2 with England at Euro 2016 this summer. Meantime, the odds on Neville’s next port of call will inevitably be affected by Manchester United’s upcoming match against Everton.

Wherever Neville ends up next, it only intensifies the interest in football’s never ending soap opera. And you have to wonder how top sites like Betway go about choosing their odds. It’s a tough life as a football manager. But it’s not easy being a bookmaker either. So make sure you keep abreast of the news as it happens.


March 31st, 2016 at 9:07 pm

Will Cristiano Ronaldo return to help Manchester United kids and Louis Van Gaal make Red Devils great again?

March 4th, 2016 at 5:10 pm

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Maybe the media have got it right? Maybe Jose Mourinho WILL be manager at Manchester United next season. Or maybe they’ve got it totally wrong. I hope they have got it wrong. Because recent events have shown the Louis Van Gaal is finally on the right track – giving home grown talent their chance.

In my opinion, it would be criminal to destroy the exciting foundations ‪United have laid for the future.Van Gaal has consistently trusted the young stars served up by the Academy and under 21 boss Warren Joyce.

How many managers have the courage and forsight van Gaal has shown, when he could have packed his squad with more senior players?

The dream for United fans is creating a new dynasty like we did on the back of the ‪‎Class of 92‬ – not a short term boom and bust gamble, with Jose Mourinho.

I do have a soft spot for the self-appointed Special One. He is a great manager. Of that there is no doubt. But I can’t get away from the gut feeling that this club is built on turning home grown talent into the best players in the world.

Personally, I love the way Van Gaal has survived his fight with the media. His philosophy of giving kids a chance has been totally under-estimated.

Louis Van Gaal kids.

I can’t imagine Mourinho ever choosing youth ahead of established stars and big money signings.
The cynics will tell you that Marcus Rashford only got his dream debut and 4 goals in his first 2 matches because of United’s unbelievable injury list. But that is just media propaganda from journalists who’ve consistently made up stories about LVG. Because, their agenda is not what’s good for Manchester United.

Rashford runs riot with double on 3-2 Premier League debut win over Arsenal

What we’ve seen this past 10 days is exactly why Jose Mourinho is not the right man to lead this great football club.

Playing entertaining football is United’s DNA. But so is bringing through the kids. Just as Sir Alex did with Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Butt & the Neville brothers when United’s academy discovered the Class of 92.

Just as Sir Matt did with the Busby Babes. Pre-Munich . . . and then to win the European Cup in 1968.

This year Sir Bobby Charlton celebrates the 60th anniversary of his United debut. Meantime, Ryan Giggs this week celebrated the 25th anniversary of his United debut. And 22 years ago Paul Scholes scored his 1st Premier League goal for the Reds in a team of kids who flourished alongside the iconic Eric Cantona.

My bet is that many years from now we’ll be talking about the current crop of kids. Whether that be the likes of Academy youngsters Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard. Or young signings like Anthony Martial & Luke Shaw. The point is, Louis van Gaal’s role is to lay the foundations for the next generation of United heroes. And for the next manager, who LVG has already told us will be Ryan Giggs.

I must admit I was worried when United were playing boring football before Christmas. And I was initially disappointed United allowed Guardiola to choose City.

But LVG is living up to his reputation of bringing the best out of the kids. As he’s done ever since he won the European Cup with Ajax back in 1995. Van Gaal’s home grown squad that year remains the youngest ever to be champions of Europe. And they did it playing Total Football, with a team of youngsters – most of whom became superstars.
The team that lined up against Milan in that Final a who’s who of Dutch football.

Ajax: 1995 European Cup winners still the youngest team ever to be champions of Europe

Let him complete his 3-year contract and LVG will deliver. His apprentice Ryan Giggs will take United forward to the next level. And the production line will continue to flourish, with old boy Nicky Butt a great addition as the new Academy boss – because Butt understands what makes United great.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither was the Theatre of Dreams. United’s spirit will never die. And neither will the magic that makes Manchester United the most special club on the planet. . . a Special Club that doesn’t need the self-appointed Special one.

Not when we have an eccentric Dutchman who can make United’s current crop of Kids our next generation of heroes.

Personally I’d love to see one inspirational, marque signing added to the current mix of young stars – just as Sir Alex did with Cantona . . . Imagine the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo leading by example, just as Eric did 20 years ago.

Meantime, injured skipper Wayne Rooney is a great role model for the kids. I hope to see Rooney and Van Gaal at Old Trafford for one more season. for VISIONSPORT


Louis van Gaal, Giggs or Mourinho? Chelsea’s lack of respect for John Terry matched by media mafia’s disregard for truth

February 12th, 2016 at 8:54 pm

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Ryan Giggs made United debut on 2nd March 1991


Quite frankly, the possibility of Chelsea failing to sign John Terry up for one more season at least, in my opinion, is more staggering than sacking Jose Mourinho. Loyalty is only ever one big pay cheque away from being discarded by the majority of professional footballers these days. But love him or hate him, JT has been a colossal leader down at the Bridge.

The Blues are again revealing shades of the embarrassing lack of respect they showed another of their heroes a couple of seasons ago when Frank Lampard was discarded before his sell by date. Calling time on club heroes is never easy and the great managers have always known when to move their legends out of the spotlight.

But surely clubs that make millions in TV money and the globalisation of their brand, thanks to long-serving players like Terry and Lampard, owe them the benefit of the doubt in the twilight of their careers. Not least because their experience and influence is priceless when you are building a new team.

It's All Over for John Terry headline

John Terry still says he wants a new contract

The truth is that the financial men, who control the purse strings, are often just as fickle as the fans, who give players abuse because their knowledge of the game is limited to ill-informed pub banter and failure to recognise talent when it is staring  them in the face.

One of the most popular clips in my company’s vast football archive was filmed 23 years ago at a Fans Football Forum hosted by West Ham United, when Harry Redknapp was given abuse by one outspoken regular at Upton Park. The old Iron insisted Lampard junior was wrongly being selected ahead of Scott Canham, a player who be long forgotten were it not for his starring role in our famous YouTube clip.

There are some players who demand respect from their clubs and fans because their loyalty and outstanding service is unquestioned. Take Ryan Giggs for example who has served Manchester United as man and boy for nearly a quarter of a century. There was never any danger of  Manchester United abandoning Giggs at the end of his playing career. Not while Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge.

Consequently, Giggsy played until he was 40 and his subsequent stints as caretaker boss and assistant manager has seen him chalk up a quarter of a century at Old Trafford. On 2nd March it will be the 25th anniversary of his United debut back in 1991.

While certain sections of the media maliciously suggest there’s no love lost between the manager and his assistant, the truth is Louis Van Gaal has shown great respect to Giggs. LVG has repeatedly said he’s preparing Giggs for the top job. And that brings me to the hottest topic of all for the biggest club in the world.

Who will be manager at Old Trafford next season?

Personally, I find it hard to understand why Giggs is not being taken more seriously as a coach who could take the reigns at Old Trafford. With the world’s media heralding Pep Guardiola as the messiah who will arrive at Manchester City in the summer to create a new dynasty to emulate the one he started at Barcelona, it’s worth remembering that he was a gamble when he was originally given his big chance.

Guardiola was the manager I desperately wanted to see succeed Van Gaal at United when the time was right. But that of course will never happen now that he’s shown his colours and opted for the Etihad. Meantime, the media abuse being served up for Van Gaal is nothing short of scandalous.

We do not have to be rocket scientists to know that for a long spell this season United’s football was quite simply boring.  Paul Scholes has said it. Rio Ferdinand has said it. Michael Owen has said it. Just about every pundit on television has said it. But that does not give the media a licence to make up stories because they think they know the solution. And then lambast their target when he refuses to dignify their agenda by playing ball.

Louis Van Gone newspaper headline

Media have revelled in adding to pressure on LVG

Jose Mourinho was prematurely driven out of his second spell at Chelsea when the media spotlight on his mistakes burnt so brightly that Roman Abramovich pressed the panic button. Now those same media sages have basicaly decided “Mourinho is the only man who can save United from oblivion.”

The problem is the media do not really care what the truth is and there are too many who peddle fiction not journalism, in the pursuit of headlines to sell newspapers and hook an audience on radio, television and the web.

Mourinho stories premature

The media mafia decided months ago that Mourinho is destined for Old Trafford. And I’m not saying that won’t happen, or that LVG will never get the sack. But the story and the season is still unfolding and it should be allowed to do so without the media having an undue influence on the outcome.

It is crystal clear that the mass media have overstepped the mark more than once by running premature stories about Mourinho and Manchester United.  Equally, it should be obvious that newspapers, radio and TV are all about ratings and profit. And it should also be recognised that far too often,  the pressure the media exert does get managers the sack – because the headlines do mobilise public pressure. That in turn makes more headlines. And that’s why most clubs end up stuck in a never ending merrygoround.

My view is don’t be surprised if Louis Van Gaal does see out the full three years of his contract. Equally, if United fail to finish in the Top 4 and don’t win a Trophy either, the chances are the media and Jose Mourinho will finally get their wish.

Personally I’d like to see my Ryan Giggs get the top job at United when LVG does move on. Something I never imagined 23 years ago when I walked on the hallowed turf with Giggsy after he signed his first boot deal with Reebok.



Jurgen Klopp comparing Sir Alex Ferguson to John Lennon typical of respect German brings to Liverpool-United rivalry

January 16th, 2016 at 7:14 pm

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What I like about Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is his raw enthusiasm for the beautiful game and the respect he has shown for Manchester United. The genial German has been a breath of fresh air since moving into the Merseyside hotseat and when you look past the media spin you will recognise his genuine class.

Typically the British media would rather peddle a theme of hatred between England’s two most famous clubs. Healthy, respectful rivalry is not language that sells newspapers or attracts the maximum eyeballs online.

In the countdown to Sunday’s clash at Anfield, we were told Klopp “snubbed” United!  The truth is this a mischievious interpretation of Klopp’s explanation of why he effectively ruled himself out of succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013, because he was ‘committed to his project at Borussia Dortmund’.

How many of the media so keen to promote a conflict between these giants of the game gave equal billing to Klopp comparing Sir Alex to John Lennon in his respectful declaration that Fergie is probably the greatest British manager of all time?

There is no doubt how badly Klopp wants to win his first managerial joust with Louis Van Gaal’s Manchester United. It was refreshing to witness his unbridled joy in celebrating the dramatic late equaliser that gave Liverpool a 3-3 draw against Arsenal in midweek. United fans would love nothing better than to see the same kind of raw passion from LVG at Anfield tomorrow. The Dutchman in contrast looked like he’d suffered a death in the family after United’s equally spectacular 3-3 draw at Newcastle the night before.

But which will be the more successful manager in 2016?

It is fair to say that Klopp is currently more popular in the red half of Merseyside than Van Gaal is on the red side of Manchester.  But reputations ebb and flow in the topsy turvy fantasy football world of the Premier League. It will be interesting to see how the two managers are perceived by the public after Sunday’s showdown, because the popularity of football managers in the modern era is more akin to the fragile likeability of make believe chracters in a TV soap opera.

Headline: Jurgen Klopp snubbed Manchester United


January 16th, 2016 at 7:14 pm

Gareth Ainsworth celebrates magic of FA Cup draw fightback against Aston Villa with coffee at Starbucks

January 9th, 2016 at 5:39 pm

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Call me a hopeless romantic, but for me for the magic of the FA Cup will never die. It really does not matter if giants like Liverppol field a bunch of kids and risk humiliation in a banana skin of a third round tie at Exeter.  The record books will forever show that the minnows earned a famous 2-2 draw and a Live TV audience on the BBC were thrilled by the drama.

Earlier today Wycombe Wanderers enjoyed the spotlight when they bravely fought back to claim a 1-1 draw and a replay at Villa Park against the Premier League’s former European Cup winners Aston Villa.

The FA Cup will forever be special for matching David against Goliath. It is reassuring to witness good, honest down-to-earth managers like man-of-the-people Gareth Ainsworth earn the right to savour a magical result. And just to illustrate the gulf between Premier League aristocrats and genuine football servants who do it for the love of the game, imagine my delight to see Ainsworth queuing up with the rest of us at my local Starbucks in Marlow just a couple of hours after his top billing on BT Sport this afternoon.


January 9th, 2016 at 5:39 pm

What if Manchester United beat Chelsea? Will media back off or are they hellbent on seeing LVG fired?

December 28th, 2015 at 2:04 am

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The truth is the media want Louis van Gaal to fail. They also want Jose Mourinho to be the next Manchester United manager. It suits their agenda. But the media do not care whether or not that is right for the club. They do not even care if they get the facts rights. They know that if they repeat something enough times most people will be brainwashed into thinking they are reporting the facts. The media also know they can influence events by manipulating public opinion and effectively campaigning for their preferred scenario.

Many in the media are desperate for Pep Guardiola to become the next manager at Manchester City, because that is what they have reported. But the truth is the media are guessing and do not know what is going on. They are feeding off scraps provided by agents who make a living by manipulating the media and promoting what they want to happen. So basically we are talking about spin, speculation and so-called media experts who make up so many stories that eventually they will get one right. The bottom line is that media is a business and their primary motivation is making money rather than reporting the facts. Why report the boring truth when the fiction is more intriguing?

Right now, there are so many journalists across all forms of media praying that Chelsea beat Manchester United at Old Trafford today that they have already convinced themselves this is what is going to happen. Based on recent form the odds are that United will make it eight straight matches without a win. And a fifth straight defeat would potentially be a career ending result for LVG.

That is what the media want. They want blood. Because the media thrive on conflict. They thrive on building people up and then knocking them down. And the bigger they are, not only the harder they fall, the more sensational the headlines. That is what the media love. Sensational headlines. Whether or not those headlines are fact or fiction. And LVG, they have universally decided, is fair game because he had the audacity to call them out for not sticking to the facts.

Yes of course, everyone knows that the Manchester United manager will eventually lose his job if his team keep losing. But what if . . .

What if United come out fighting this evening and put the pressure back on Chelsea with a win that sends the Blues into the New Year facing a genuine relegation battle? Will that deflect the media pack away from Old Trafford and back to Stamford Bridge. Or are the media so obsessed with getting their own way that they will not rest until they get the result they demand.

I have personally advocated for some time that United do all in their power to appoint Guardiola as van Gaal’s successor when he becomes available in the summer. But I do object to the undue pressure the media put on football managers, and players alike, by magnifying losses and the insecurities of fans.

There is no doubt that a negative media spotlight does make it more difficult for those in the spotlight to recover. We only have to look at the way a few poor results for defencing champions Chelsea spiralled out of control and their decline accelerated as the media spotlight intensified on beleaguered boss Mourinho.

Does anyone believe that a team and their manager who were champions seven months ago would not become winners again if Mourinho had been given more time? The mere fact that Mourinho is being touted as the next manager of Manchester United by so many is confirmation that he is a winner, who should never have been sacked by Chelsea.


December 28th, 2015 at 2:04 am

How media campaign to humiliate Louis van Gaal can unite fans and team behind him

December 24th, 2015 at 4:38 pm

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Louis van Gaal is not a quitter, he is a fighter, says his former assistant, Raymond Verheijen


Much that I’d love to see Pep Guardiola at Old Trafford next season, right now it’s time to get behind Louis van Gaal and the team. Especially now that ALL the media are against him – and I include radio, TV, newspapers and bloggers in this.

For example, Louis did not storm out of yesterday’s media conference. He made a calm, considered statement and then left. Just the same as Sir Alex Ferguson would have done. And for that I support him.

At least, I don’t believe the time is right to sack him now.

United’s Boxing Day trip to Stoke City feels like that famous FA Cup tie all those years ago when Mark Robins scored the goal that folklore tells us kept Fergie in the manager’s job, and enabled history to unfold. For those too young to remember, it was 7 January 1990; United won their third round tie 1-0 at Nottingham Forest and went on to win the FA Cup. That was the start of a landslide of trophies for the most successful British football manager of all.

The difference here is that LVG has told us he will retire at the end of his 3-year contract next season. So there is no possibility of a Fergie-style dynasty.

That’s why, looking ahead to next season, I want to see Pep Guardiola become the next manager of Manchester United . . . and why Jose Mourinho should not be considered.

Meantime, do not ignore the progress that LVG has made. Chris Smalling has been a player re-born under the Dutch manager. So too was Luke Shaw, until his horrific injury not only sidelined him for the season, but disrupted United’s potency down the left flank.

There have also been some outstanding performances inbetween the dross. When United outclassed Everton 3-nil at Goodison in October, it looked like the LVG masterplan was really starting to take shape. So let’s not pretend that van Gaal’s reign has been a complete disaster.

And finally:  For those who argue that LVG was guilty of not communicating with the fans by cutting short yesterday’s media conference, here’s the Mirror’s transcription of what he told MUTV




December 24th, 2015 at 4:38 pm

Why Guardiola not Jose Mourinho is right man to replace Louis Van Gaal. But will Pep join United, City, Arsenal or Chelsea?

December 19th, 2015 at 7:59 pm

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Wherever he ends up at the start of next season, there is no doubt that the shadow of Pep Guardiola currently looms large over the Premier League. Especially within the corridors of power at the Big Four, who last season made it into the Champions League.

The truth is that Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United must all consider not just what the Spaniard would bring to their club. But also the consequences of allowing him to take charge at one of their rivals.

Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich has long made it clear he would love Guardiola at Stamford Bridge. For weeks Manchester City have been regarded favourites to lure the Spaniard, whom they believe can take them to the next level. And there is a theory that even Arsene Wenger sees the former Barcelona boss as his perfect successor. But the giants with the most urgent need for the services of the most sought after manager in world football are surely Manchester United.

Along with a growing number of United fans, who believe that a successor to Louis Van Gaal must be signed up sooner rather than later, I sincerely hope that it is the Spaniard whose next destination is Old Trafford – and not Jose Mourinho, currently the bookies favourite to succeed LVG.

It has been clear for weeks that Van Gaal’s philosophy is alien to the Theatre of Dreams. His safety first approach, which worked at the start of the season, has now been exposed as a flawed strategy that is taking the Reds down a road to nowhere.

As I have previously declared in this column: “The type of football being played under Louis Van Gaal is most certainly not the philosophy of Manchester United Football Club. Especially after spending a quarter of a billion pounds.”

In my opinion, staying loyal to the DNA of Manchester United Football Club makes Guardiola the right man for the Old Trafford hot seat.

As former United skipper Rio Ferdinand eloquently summarises: “It doesn’t matter what club you’re at. If someone of the talent of Guardiola becomes available, everyone is interested.

“The best manager in the world at the moment is definitely Guardiola and, when he becomes available, people are going to be interested, and I think United are no different.
“Guardiola has been in two of the three best leagues in the world and the next progression, naturally, is going to be the Premier League. He’s going to be going to a Premier League team and he won’t be going to another one after that. So you have one chance to get him.

“He’s not going to go to Manchester City then United. He’s not going to go to Chelsea then United. So you’ve got one chance to get the best manager on the planet.”

For United the option is to stay loyal to Van Gaal or pass on Guardiola and look elsewhere.

Guardiola or Mourinho?

Appointing Mourinho, who clearly had ambitions of succeeding Sir Alex Ferguson two-and-half years ago whatever his public statements may have been, would be the safe option because he is a master at maximising a squad inside two seasons. But the football purists who demand flair and magic will see Mourinho as a sideways step from the caution of LVG, who abandoned free-flowing football 15 months ago, when a 3-1 lead ended with a 5-3 humiliation at the home of Leicester City.

Ironically, The Foxes – without doubt the Team of 2015 – currently play more like Manchester United than Manchester United do. As former Old Trafford hero Andy Cole says: “It’s like a 4-2-4 system, with the wingers Mahrez and Albrighton constantly on the full back’s toes. Both are direct, getting at their opposite man on every occasion. Mahrez looks a real star, he’s tricky to mark and likes to come back in on his left foot. The goal against Chelsea was sublime. Decent touch, bit of skill and then curls it top-bins!”

But who is more likely to bring beautiful football back to Old Trafford, Mourinho or Guardiola?

The bookmakers currently make Mourinho the favourite. But, as I have personally advocated on previous occasions, Guardiola should be United’s target.
Fascinatingly, Bayern Munich have indicated a statement is imminent about Guardiola’s future, his contract set to expire at the end of the season.

There are those who doubt the ability of Guardiola to work his magic in England’s most competitive league in the world, claiming he was simply taking candy from a baby at Barcelona and Bayern Munich. But that fails to acknowledge the innovative and creative brilliance of a football man who knows how to serve up a winning team that puts real meaning into the romantic notion of the beautiful game.

In his first season in charge at Camp Nou, Guardiola’s team became the first ever Spanish side to win the treble. He then followed that with a record haul of 14 trophies in four seasons, making him the most successful coach in Barcelona’s history.

In his subsequent reign at Bayern Munich, Guardiola is in the final months of the three-year deal he signed in 2013 and has so far failed to deliver the ultimate prize of the Champions League. But he has made the German giants even more dominant than ever domestically.

Last week he chaulked up his 100th win in just 132 matches in charge at the Allianz Arena, seven fewer than it took him at Barcelona. But just as inportantly, Guardiola is a man who wins with style.


December 19th, 2015 at 7:59 pm

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Leicester City can prove experts wrong and win Premier League if Claudio Ranieri buys wisely in January transfer window

December 19th, 2015 at 7:55 pm

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Whether or not they finish top of the Premier League at the end of the season, there is no doubt that the team of 2015 are Leicester City Football Club.

Rock bottom on New Year’s Day, the Foxes guaranteed they will be top dog this Christmas after opening a five point lead at the summit this afternoon with a spectacular 3-2 win against Everton at Goodison Park. It is a week that began with a thrilling 2-1 triumph over reigning champions Chelsea that signalled the end of the road for Jose Mourinho as manager at Stamford Bridge.

But can Claudio Ranieri’s men, one of the bookies favourites for relegation before the season kicked off, pull off the greatest upset in the history of the Premier League?

So far all the experts have written off the Foxes, insisting their run will end sooner or later because they simply do not have the strength in depth to hold off the so-called big boys. But these are changing times in English football, where we now boast not just the most popular League in the world, but also the most competitive League.

Unlike in countries like Spain, where Barcelona and Real Madrid invariably stand head and shoulders above the rest because they control the lion’s share of TV revenue, the Premier League’s strength is built on the way they distribute revenue more evenly than rival Leagues. It is a scenario that means all 20 Premier League clubs are in the Top 40 richest clubs in the world.

And that is what gives Leicester City the resources to invest in their unbelievable start to the 2015-2016 campaign and spalsh out on nerw signings who can push the Foxes all the way to the Champions League and the Premier League crown.

It sounds like a daydream for a club that has never been champions of England, the closest they came was 1928-1929 when they finished as runners up. Since winning the League Cup in 2000, the Foxes have spent most of their seasons outside the Top Flight, only returning to the Premier League in 2014.

The odds are that Leicester City will fall short. But if any smaller club are to conquer the giants there has never been a better opportunity for any club since Blackburn Rovers conquered all under Kenny Dalglish in 1995. And the most successful manager in the history of the Premier League believes the dream coud become reality.

Thirteen times winner of the Premier League, Sir Alex Ferguson is urging Claudio Ranieri to go for the jackpot when the mid-season transfer window opens:

“If I were him I’d want an investment in January because this is a big opportunity. They could win the league, the way they are playing at the moment, and they have goals in their team, ” says Fergie.

“The problem for the owners is have they got the money? I think they have. If he wants to win the league I think he should add to it. And I think there may be a great chance.”

The other big factor of course will be keeping star men Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez free of injury. Vardy has been the goalscoring sensation of the season with 15 so far including a record breaking run of scoring in 11 consecutive matches. While midfielder Mahrez, in my opinion the best player in the League and surely the  signing of the year, has weighed in with 13.

So far, Leicester’s Thai owner Vishai Srivaddhanaprabhawith estimated net worth of $1.95bn, has have preferred an economical recruitment model,  signing Algerian international  Mahrez for just £400,000.

Nonetheless, this successful businessman must surely see the value of spalshing out to give his club the chance of making history and gtaking Leicester City into the promised land of the Champions League as champions of England.

Pep Guardiola’s philosophy matches Manchester United’s. The problem is Van Gaal’s vision does not.

December 13th, 2015 at 12:37 am

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Sometimes statistics are so overwhelming that immediate action must be taken. And no further debate is needed.

The type of football being played under Louis Van Gaal is most certainly not the philosophy of Manchester United Football Club. Especially after spending a quarter of a billion pounds.

Even the Glazers must realise this can’t continue. Not just because the fans will not accept this is anywhere near good enough. The popularity and reputation of Manchester United is built on playing entertaining, fantasy football. That’s why we call it the Theatre of Dreams.
Winning alone is simply not good enough. And United are no longer even doing that, failing to win in five matches. The last time that happened was 1998.

On top of all that there is the real possibility of Pep Guardiola leaving Bayern Munich this summer and joining rivals Manchester City.

Guardiola in my humble opinion is the coach most suited in the whole of world football to bringing the beautiful game back to Old Trafford. This is a view shared by many within the game.

Yes a manager must be given time to build a team and Louis Van Gaal clearly has a vision that he is well on the road to delivering. But when that vision is built on a philosophy that is so clearly at odds with the very DNA of the world’s greatest football club, there is no point in continuing down that road.


December 13th, 2015 at 12:37 am

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