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Wayne Rooney has posted the first picture of his new hair transplant on Twitter

Wayne Rooney has posted the first picture of his new hair transplant on Twitter

How will Rooney look when his transplanted hair grows?

How will Rooney look when his transplanted hair grows?


India’s prolific Test batsman Virender Sehwag is living proof that ‘having a Wayne Rooney’ can do wonders for your success on the pitch.

Sehwag suffered a dip in form before he decided to have a hair transplant. But he’s been back to his best since having the treatment.

Two months ago Sehwag crowned his remarkable career when he helped india win the 2011 Cricket World Cup. And like Rooney he has made no secret of his hair transplant.

“I’m delighted with my results,” said Sehwag after his treatment carried out by the inventors of the direct hair implantation technique, DHI. (See video below)

As DHI’s medical director for India, Dr Viral Desai told me in an elusive interview for my documatary The Bald Truth: “His form has definitely improved since he had his treatment with us. You could see how his confidence returned when his hair started to grow back.”

Rooney will be delighted if he gets similar results
– both on and off the pitch – after a season of mixed fortunes for Manchester United. And England will certainly need Rooney to be head and shoulders above the rest if they are going to qualify, never mind win, the 2012 European Championships after struggling to a 2-2 draw with Switzerland in Rooney’s absence on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Sehwag will be able to show Rooney his results first hand in July when he arrives in England for India’s test series.

Virender Sehwag - now and then

Virender Sehwag - now and then

The funny thing is the reaction of some fans. Officials at the DHI clinic that carried out the hair transplant for Sehwag received death threats after the story went public because they refused to believe their hero had the treatment. There is no danger of that happening in England where fans will be joining the queue to have ‘a Wayne Rooney’ if his form now takes him to a new level.

John Gubba talks about Wayne Rooney’s new hair transplant.

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