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King of the kayakers: sporting superhero Pete Bray will earn unique place in record books with paddle from Russia to America

September 7th, 2013 at 10:00 am

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Adventure kayaking is a sport for a rare breed – and the spotlight of publicity rarely highlights the extreme feats achieved by the paddling community. But spare a few minutes to consider the skill and bravery of the man I have dubbed ‘The king of the kayakers’ and you will never again underestimate the outstanding pedigree of one of Britain’s most underexposed sporting heroes.

The amazing exploits of  former SAS sergeant Pete Bray are quite simply out of this world and deserve a much bigger audience and recognition than he has achieved to date.

His successes rank alongside the greatest achievements of any world champion Britain has ever produced. While the likes of Andy Murray, Kevin Pietersen, Johnny Wilkinson and Sir Bradley Wiggins have earned both fame and fortune for reaching the top of their sports, Pete the paddler from Plymouth has largely gone under the radar.

This fearless adventurer is the only person who has ever kayaked alone across the Atlantic – and he did it the hard way when he completed the challenge in  2001 from west to east across the North which is considered the most difficult route.  His epic 76-day expedition from Newfoundland to Ireland came 12 months after his first attempt that almost claimed his life when he capsized and spent 32 hours lost in the freezing ocean.

For 10 years he held the world record for the longest open-water crossing ever undertaken by a kayaker.

Pete has undertaken seven major expeditions and in 2004 he won an award for bravery when he saved the lives of his three crew mates after Hurricane Alex ended their Pink Lady-sponsored attempt to row the Atlantic.

Sponsors are absolutely key in the life of an adventurer because without their cash and support it is almost impossible to fund these spectacular feats. It will not surprise you that the conquests of this proud Cornishman, born on the Devon-side of the River Tamar, have taken him to the brink of financial ruin.

Even so, Pete is just one final challenge away from kayaking between all the major land masses in the Northern Hemisphere and a unique place in the record books.His dream is to complete the ‘missing link’ in July 2014 when he paddles from Russia to America. But he needs sponsorship.

The campaign to raise the £75,000 required is being driven by Famous Publicity’s Tina Fotherby, the hugely talented publicist. And to help Pete on his way I have produced the two videos featured on this blog. Watch my special report and Tina’s big interview to find out more about this unique sporting hero.

And if you doubt Pete’s right to be classed as a sportsman because he calls himself an adventurer you will think differently when you consider his CV:

“Pete has participated in ski-touring expeditions throughout Scandinavia, Europe and New Zealand, as well as excelling in long-distance cross-country skiing races and downhill competitions around the globe. As an adventure racer, he has competed in events like the Alpine Man competition, a combination of cycling, off-road mountain biking and mountain marathon running across Liechtenstein. He is also an accomplished microlight pilot and built his own aircraft from scratch. As a climber he climbs both rock and ice.

He has also successfully completed a 10-event adventure race across New Zealand, incorporating an array of disciplines including horse riding, shooting, running and mountain biking and he has twice circumnavigated by bike the Bodensee, the large expanse of water that borders Switzerland, Germany and Austria. He is also a keen runner, having completed ten marathons, including the Boston, New York, Berlin, Munich and Black Forest.”

His exploits have so far taken him from the frozen wastes of Norway to the heat of the African bush. When he completes his missing link from Russia to America in July next year hopefully he will finally earn the universal recognition he deserves.

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Pete Bray - King of the Kayakers

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